Thursday, July 11, 2019

Extra Pics? Flip Flaps to the Rescue!

Let's Get Our Photos Into Albums to Enjoy!

Welcome!  My Never Stop Exploring layout was not only fun to create, but came together quickly and easily!  

For today's layout, I used one of the two-page July Craft With Heart kits.  With these cut-above style kits included in the Craft With Heart Subscription Club I am able to create a two-page layout in about  15 - 20 minutes!  How awesome is that?!? 

You only need to add  adhesive and a pen for journaling, along with your precious photos to complete beautifully designed layouts.  Even the 12 x 12 memory protectors are included!  How great is that?!?  😊 

I love the complementary stickers and die cut images included in a cardstock weight.  I popped a few of them up with the use of foam tape for extra dimension.  Follow the guide or, tweak away! 
The two July kits incorporate many of the patterns and designs of the Into The Wild Creative Collection.  I love this!  💝

This collection is perfect for so many of the wonderful photos we took while visiting the beautiful  DuPont State Recreational Forest in Asheville, North Carolina.
As usual, I tweaked mine a bit from the kit instructions and included a couple of Flip Flaps.  With the addition of just two Flip Flaps, my layout is able to feature four additional photos!  Easy peasy! 😊

Below are images of the front photo in one of my Flip Flaps, followed by the two inside photos.  

Using Flip Flaps is oh, so easy!  Simply create your layout with one of your photos adhered to your paper.  Then, once your completed page is in your Memory Protector, simply position and adhere your Flip Flap over the designated photo.  Of course, you could also adhere your Flip Flap directly on your layout, and then carefully cut a slit in your Memory Protector for your Flip Flap to come through.  😉

Flip Flap Tip--Prior to adhering my Flip Flaps, I cut about 1/4 inch away from the adhesive tab.  This is strictly a personal preference for the finished page.  😃

Where are your photos?   Let's get our photos out of our phones, off the computer, out of boxes, etc and into albums to enjoy!  You do not need to scrapbook every single photo you have!  

If time slips away from you, and you like traditional scrapbooks, the Craft With Heart Subscription Club is the way to go. I invite you to take a look at the wonderful variety of designs included in this Club.  Try it for a month, four months, or a year.  💖

Of course, there are many styles and ways to keep our memories, as we'll discuss in upcoming posts! 

If you do not tell YOUR story, who will?

Now a quick note on some of the great specials at -- 

Through July 31, 2019 this super versatile, exclusive Share the Joy Bundle is available, while supplies last.  Of course you can also purchase just the stamps or the thin cuts.  

Think of all the ways these stamp icons will be used by you!  Not only cards and scrapbook pages, but these stamps would be great for teachers--whether you're a home educator or one in the neighborhood school.  😉 How will you use yours?  

Another awesome special available now through August 31 is the return of "Seaside." 💖  Swoon!  


Seaside is back!  This paper packet features 6 paper sheets and a full 12″ × 12″ sticker sheet, giving you paper and stickers in the same pack!  Coordinating cardstock and an exclusive Stamp set is also available!  This collection will only be available through August 31, 2019, while supplies last, so order yours right away!  Mine is due to arrive in a few days!  💖

Thank you so much for visiting!  YOU are appreciated!  

I enjoy hearing from you and appreciate your business and support.  I look forward to helping you as you travel along life's journey celebrating relationships with all of YOUR papercrafting and memory keeping needs.  💖

Have a wonderful day!

Happy Papercrafting,


  1. I love having little spots on my page that fold out or hold/hide even more photos to keep my layout looking clean but also capturing everything. What a cute page! Pinned.

    1. Yes! Thank you so much! Flip Flaps are such a quick and easy way to add all those extras you just don't want to miss out on later! Have a wonderful day!

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    1. Oh, yes, Sylvia! My Seaside collection is due to arrive any day now and I'm really looking forward to playing with it! Have a wonderful day!

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