Monday, October 3, 2016

"Grateful" Layout Tutorial

I love the papers available in the Swan Lake collection!  Here’s one of the pages I recently completed.  This layout will be the title page to a collection of 12 x 12 layout pages I am making focusing on my family, friends and little things in life of which I am grateful.  (I could fill volumes and volumes!)  I will be adding a 5" x 7" photo of my family--as soon as we can all get together!  If not, a photo of me with my wonderful husband will grace this title page, with the rest of the crew added on the following pages! 



Using Artbooking, p. 72, set cuts for 11".  (For those who may not be familiar with this work horse cartridge, unless you use the "Real Dial" size feature on your Cricut, all shapes will be cut according to your overall layout or paper size you set.  Love this feature!)

  1. Poppy  Cardstock -- cut  Title "grateful"  and Border leaves; apply Liquid Glass and/or Clear Shimmer Brush over these, as desired; let dry (doesn't take long).
  2. Swan Lake Black with Words, cut Photo Mat 1 for a 5" x 7" frame; attach photo.  
  3. Peacock Cardstock  with Lines and Dots, cut Border leaf swirl. 
  4. Swan Lake Peacock, white lines and dots, cut Border leaves. 

Using paper trimmer, cut Swan Lake Floral, black background 4" x 12" (you can keep Zip Strip attached of   and then measure and cut or, if Zip Strip already removed, you will want to keep and use)


Using tape runner:
  1. attach Swan Lake floral paper to bottom of White Daisy cardstock base
  2. attach coordinating Zip Strip above Swan Lake floral paper.
Using foam tape:
  1. attach the title "grateful" to lower right of page
  2. attach leaf swirl to White Daisy as shown
  3. attach photo frame [with your photo]
  4. attach leaves and mini hearts (from inside of border leaves) as desired 
Enjoy!  Thank you for visiting! 
I look forward to hearing from you!

Have a wonderful day!
Happy Papercrafting!

Gayle Piron

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