Monday, October 17, 2016

Halloween Village

This darling Halloween Village was created by artisans at Close To My Heart
Do you decorate your home for Halloween and the changes of the season? I've always enjoyed and look forward to doing this! 
As an Independent Consultant on behalf of Close To My Heart, I enjoy following Make It from Your Heart, (click on "What We Do" to follow Jeanette), the blog written by Jeanette Lynton, founder and CEO of Close To My Heart.  
When she presented this Halloween Village on her blog, I thought it was so clever and cute and wanted to make sure you saw it, before I finished mine! It's made with Cricut cuts! 
The following list of materials used and which Cricut cuts to make is directly from Jeanette's blog.    
Of course, when you are preparing yours, make it the way you want it!  Have fun!!!
Materials Used  

¾” Shift+Icon <I> (p. 55)
¾” Icon <i> (p. 55)
2″ Shift+Overlay <U> (p. 54)
1″ Shift+Icon <C> (p. 70)
½” Icon <c> (p. 70)
1″ Shift+Overlay <C> (p. 70)
¾” Shift+ Icon <V> (p. 71)
11 ½” Shift+Border <V> (p. 71)
2 ½” Border <v> (p. 71)
¾” and 1″ Icon <n> (p. 73)
¾” and 1″ Shift+Icon <N> (p. 73)
7″ Icon-1 <w> (p. 12)
7″ Shift+Icon-1 <W> (p. 12)
1 ½” Shape <k> (p. 28)
1 ½” Shape <Mother> (p. 39)
1″ Shape <Holiday> (p. 47)
8″ Red House
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Happy papercrafting!
Gayle Piron

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